If you want to enter into travel content writing jobs either a full time or work as part time travel content writers do. You will have to make yourself polished enough to write a good article. Knowing how to write a good travel article is important, once you have mastered it you can bend the rules according to your needs to tailor your article to its best. These will come handy especially to those of travel freelance content writing jobs doers, as these will upgrade them sooner than they would have done it without them.


  1. Clear Story Line – A trip will usually comprise of many stories, as your trip will be the series of events. Some events will be thrilling and very interesting while others will be not. As a travel content writer, your foremost job is to determine which story to narrate and what events will comprise this story. Try writing your stories in stand first and then use it as a brief for later purposes.
  2. Defined Goal – Some of your trips must be having some physical goals as reaching to the top of any mountain, of crossing some river or doing a wildlife safari so as to see a tiger or you are in someplace desert camping and travelling miles to different cities. These sorts of goals give articles a sense of direction or purpose.
  3. Starting with a Bang – You can start writing as you like to but starting with an irresistible first paragraph catches the attention of the reader. You can use whatever you wish to like drama, humour anything, but those first lines should make the reader stick to your story. Most of the story starts in the thick of the story and then the backtracks to explain how it occurred.
  4. Showing and Telling – Showing and telling is the old school. It is important because when you are constantly narrating your story, it is important to make sure your audience can visualise what you want to portray. When you want them to visualise the content you slow down your writing and describe a scene in detail as what you saw, tasted and felt at that moment. It’s like showing the reader the world through your eyes. Articles switch between feelings as of drama of showing and the practical economy of telling, you should be focusing on both.
  5. Ending – End your tale with a powerful proverb or some note denoting a powerful transformation. What has you learned new about yourself or the world? How has it changed the way of your thinking or somebody else’s? Big insights are frequent when we are away from these materialistic worlds and its culture, do share them.